The 2015 Wounded Warrior Run

31 01 2015

fallen soldier

The 2015 *Wounded Warriors Run media launch was held today in the Showroom of major sponsor Saunders Subaru. When I  arrived I expected to see a small gathering of people and some local media, gathering information on this years run. Was I ever wrong. The bright and shiny latest and greatest Subaru’s had been replaced by an army field ambulance and another military vehicle. Members of the Langford Legion were dressed in uniform, standing at attention and forming a pathway for this year’s runners to run through when they were introduced. Saanich South MLA Lana Popham ,many members of the military community dressed in camouflage, sponsors, several media outlets, event co coordinators and members of the general public joined the Saunders family in kick starting this important campaign.

What really grabbed my attention was a painting on display. It was created by Sparky of Urge Tattoo’s and depicts a soldier carrying an injured soldier over his shoulder. You can clearly see that the soldier being carried is injured but it is the invisible injury the rescuing soldier is suffering that the The Wounded Warriors Run is all about.

The Emcee 100.3- Q 100’s Cliff LesQuesne reminded us that while everyone is running away from a crime, disaster or trying to escape the fighting in Iraq it is our police officers, first responders and soldiers that are heading directly into the danger. Years ago it was believed that it was a sign of weakness to be impacted by the experiences you had , the tragedies witnessed and the images that remained vividly in your head. You were not encouraged to speak out and people would suffer from Post –Traumatic Stress Disorder in silence. A gentleman that I met at the event shared with me that his brother had suffered from PSTD, did not seek help and as a result drank himself to death. The Goal of the Wounded Warriors run is to draw attention to PSTD and create an environment where it okay to talk about it so we do not have to deal with a tragedy caused by an untreated case of PSTD.

Serious Coffee’s 24 café’s on the island are sponsoring this event and Jeanette Humphries who is charge of events for Serious Coffee spoke about the importance of being pro active with PSTD so that no one has to fall through the gap anymore.You can donate to this event and the Wounded Warrior Fund at the Serious Coffee in your neighborhood,

Chris Linford the National Ambassador for the Wounded Warriors shared with the crowd that he has had PSTD for 20 years and as a result of seeking support for his invisible injury through programs run through the Canadian Health Services and C.O.P.E which involves the spouse of the person suffering from PSTD that he is a survivor and his relationship with his wife is intact. Last years run caused a spark in the community but this years run is creating a blazing fire.

Starting on Sunday February 15th Six Runners will run a relay the length of Vancouver Island. They will cover 100 km per day starting in Port Hardy and finish in Colwood at Saunders Subaru on February 20th. Please give generously to the runners as they collect donations on their way down the island. It is important that we as a community help take care of the people that every single day put their lives on the line to take care of us.

You can donate online at http://www.woundedwarriors .ca

*Wounded Warriors Canada is a non-profit organization that helps Canadian Armed Forces members – be they regular force or reservists – who have been wounded or injured in their service to Canada.

Through a wide range of programs and services, we help find solutions where gaps have left our veterans and their families in need. Currently, our primary focus is on mental health and, particularly, the staggering impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, perpetrated by Operational Stress Injuries.

Overall, however, our mandate is to help any Veteran in need as they transition to civilian life.

If you are feeling like a new or even your first tattoo contact Urge Tattoo’s to find out more information about their tattoo fundraiser on Sunday February the 8th where you can get yourself a tattoo for a minimum $60 suggested donation. Participants will also be on location that day so please go down and say hello.

Let’s Talk

28 01 2015

A very important message

Kristy Wolfe Photography

20         The number of days that have passed since my dad, a 58 year old cardiologist, went missing.

17          The number of days that have passed since my dad’s car was found.

16          The number of days that have passed since my dad was found.

10          The number of days that have passed since we celebrated my dad’s life.

0122-003 Dad’s favourite view from the deck of our house on Cowichan Lake.

Tomorrow, January 28th, is Bell’s annual Let’s Talk Day. You’ve probably seen or heard some of the commercials that have been running recently. The one that really hit home has two guys at work talking about another colleague who has anxiety. Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Below is an excerpt from the speech I gave at my dad’s memorial. I’m…

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The End of a Friendship

18 01 2015

I have come to a point in my life where I have decided to clean house on unhealthy relationships. I have ended several since I left my husband almost four years ago but many of those were people who took sides after they had promised that they wouldn’t. People have good intentions I think but in the end people do choose.

Today I have decided to end my longest running friendship. We all have one. It is usually someone we met as a child that we have stayed in touch with over the years. You may grow apart but once in awhile you reconnect and it feels it always has and it is comforting. Or that is how it is supposed to be. This friendship is not that way. It is always a constant battle. Whenever I would get excited about a change I decided to make in my life this so called friend would always point out all of the negative reasons why the change isn’t good for me. Always negative thoughts. The worst-case scenario always spills out until the reasons why not to do something have drowned all of the why to’s. They are constantly holding me back from exploring new challenges of options for me to progress in my life and career.

When I feel that I, or someone has been wronged and decide to speak up about it or stick up from someone my friend tells me to keep my mouth shut and who am I to think that what I have to say would make a difference. Who is going to take you seriously??

It is the friend who when we are at a restaurant tells me not to tell the waiter that I have received the wrong drink or that the chef prepared my steak well done instead of rare because I will embarrass them. So I drink my beverage and eat my meal even though it is not what I want to keep my friend from feeling uncomfortable.

I am sure you have been out driving in a car with someone on a sunny day, windows rolled down and a song comes on the radio that not only you love but you know all the words. You open your mouth and start to sing at the top of your lungs. I love that! I love to sing but when I am in public with my good old pal I am quickly cut off. “ OMG be quiet”! “ I am pretty sure you have the words wrong”, or “don’t, people will look at us”!

I write many blog entries that are never posted. Several times I have written about topics that really mean a lot to me so my thoughts easily spill out onto the page. I find myself so excited about an idea or an opinion that I write for hours and ignore everything going on around me until it is finished. I feel like I could win an award for my brilliant entry and can’t wait to log into my blog to post it. Then something stops me and I have it read over by my friend. My hopes of an award are dashed when I hear the critique. “No one cares about this topic”. “People don’t want to read about this!” “I think this might be a run on sentence” or I am not sure this is the proper use of this word” I still save the entry on my laptop in case I decide to re read it again one day but it will never be read as an entry on my blog.

I am tired of clothes shopping with this person. You are supposed to have fun when you shop with a friend. It is okay and common practice to tell your shopping partner that a particular item they have tried on is not the best choice of cut or that the colour isn’t the best for their skin tone. No one is offended by those helpful comments. But to be constantly told things like “ wow you certainly cant pull off that outfit with your lack of height” or “you would really have to hit the gym a lot if you ever have a hope of making that sit the way it should on your body”. It is bad enough that they are constantly telling me that I need to lose a few pounds here or get back doing my regular exercise routine because they have noticed it hard to see my abs lately or that my butt looks squishy. I just love the comment “ you probably shouldn’t weigh yourself today I am pretty sure you are up a pound or two”. “ If I were you I’d eat lightly today or not at all and weigh yourself tomorrow”.

When I do exercise I push my self as hard as I can that day or during a particular exercise. A couple of weeks ago I was out going up a set of stairs (almost 300 stairs) that I climb up and down to work on both my muscle tone and cardio. It was my first time back in a several months and I could not do as many as I had done previously when I had been partaking in this activity five days a week. Instead of being proud that I was making an effort to get back into shape and where I wanted to be I was made to feel that I had failed because I should have pushed myself harder and not given up when I did. “Why did you stop when I did”?? “Why didn’t you push that little bit harder”? “You probably could have done one more set if you had actually tried”. That is so infuriating!! I was trying. I honestly could not make my legs climb one more stair. I was doing my absolute best but once again it was not good enough.

We all have those days where we have been running from one activity to another, doing errands, working, dropping off the kids and picking them up at school and you arrive home to realize that you have forgotten to take out something for dinner. You don’t have time to defrost anything or prepare a fabulous meal before you have to run out the door to practice so you cut up some raw vegetables, open a can of soup and make a few grilled cheese sandwiches. The kids are happy. They have been fed. It was something they liked and everyone who needed to be out the door was out on time. This does happen to me from time to time and at first I am thrilled that it all worked out. Then I make a mistake and hear….. “ that isn’t a well balanced meal”. Do you know how much sodium is in canned soup”? “ I though you were going gluten free”? All of a sudden I feel like social services are going to be at my door and that the Mothers Day card that I had received the year before where my kids had written that I was the best mom ever was a total lie and I should return it to them.

I am single and from time to time I am asked out on a date. I think about it and if it is someone I would like to get to know I consider saying yes. Every girl tells their friend if they were asked out on a date. Your friend usually wants to hear every detail about the potential date and is excited for you. They want to help you choose an outfit and talk about how to do your make up and hair so you make that perfect impression. Not my friend. No way, all I hear is “Really”? “ He asked you out” Does he know you have two kids and that you are really busy”? “Do you think he thinks you have money because of who your ex husband is”? “You are so picky”. “What if you order a burger and ask for it without vegetables will he think you are weird for not liking and raw fruit of vegetables”? After all this I say no and miss out on what may have been a great opportunity for at least a new friendship.

For all these reasons I have decided that this friend has to be removed off of my friends list and replaced with someone more positive. Someone who will say, you look great today or I am proud of you for running those stairs. Good job, way to go, keep it up. It will be hard because this friend has been my closest friend since the day I was born. It is hard to get rid of someone who has always been there but I have to because I am soooooo sick of the negative “ME”. I am my own worst best friend because I am constantly holding myself back and putting negative thoughts into my head. No one is holding me back from anything but myself and it ends today. Watch out world, I will be speaking my mind, taking chances with my business, praising my self for jobs well done and making sure my steak is always served to me rare!!

Shopping for Prom

30 05 2013


I am dreading the words “Mom I’m getting married” to come out of my daughters mouth. Not because I don’t believe she will be successful in finding a worthy mate. The man who risks his life by taking on my daughter as a partner is going to be highly respected by me. She is a wonderful but head strong girl who speaks her mind freely and has no problem at all letting people know when they are not wanted in her bubble. I am dreading those words because I just finished enduring the marathon of her high school graduation year.

When I was in high school we did not have a winter formal, or the Gothchya Grad game, we had one grad campout not 10, and I do not remember the intense pressure of what to wear or how to do my hair. This past year has been the most stressful year as a parent so far. It seems like the festivities started the last day of grade 11. It was all of a sudden her graduation year.

The dress…. Apparently shopping on the island was not good enough. She had wanted to go to New York during spring break to choose her gown but thanks to the invitation by her father to join him in Mexico ona vacation I was off the hook and we were able to agree on a weekend trip to Vancouver.

I booked the hotel room, reserved the ferry and had planned the route that we would take along Bridal Row in New Westminister. I was actually dreading the weekend. My daughter knew what style she was looking for and I know how hard it is to have her decide on what she wants for dinner let alone pick out an article of clothing that will apparently define how her post high school life begins. I was prepared for it to be more painful than my first bikini wax which I still to this day remember with vivid detail.

We arrived in New West before the stores opened so we opted to go for breakfast first. The mood was lighthearted and full of a lot of laughs. I was optimistic that the shopping may go well with her current mood. We ventured to the first store. We walked into a buzz of activity. There were excited brides waiting for their first appointments to try on gown and nervous brides waiting to try on their dress after alterations. Then there was my daughter and I. We explained that we were looking for a prom dress and were quickly ushered to the back of the store and told to look around and hunt someone down if she was interested in trying something on. There seemed to be low priority on high school graduates.   I’m sure because the commission on a prom dress would probably cover a latte at starbucks but with the prices of wedding gowns the paycheque would allow the sales person to purchase the new designer leather boots she had had her eye on.

I knew we were in trouble after the first two racks. My lighthearted girl at breakfast had turned into a bit of a pit bull finding an issue with every single dress on every rack. They were too shiny, to heavily beaded or just too ugly. We lasted a whole 5 minutes in that first store. No one even noticed we were leaving as they were too busy concentrating on the clientele that brought in their bread and butter.

We walked across the street to “ The Bridal Gallery” There was the same buzz happening as the first store but we immediately felt that our sale mattered just as much as the brides. We were escorted up the beautifully appointed staircase to the second floor that housed all of the prom and bridesmaids dresses. The routine started again. Through the prom dress racks she flipped with lightening speed finding fault in every single dress she touched.  I started to sweat. It was worse than one of my peri menopausal moments when I feel like I am stuck in a pizza oven with no way out. I suddenly realized why all of my girlfriends turned down the invitation to join us on our dress hunting trip.

 The Manager of the store noticed my frustration and came over to save the day. She asked my girl what she was looking for. When she heard the words simple, no bling she suggested that she look at the bridemaids dresses as they tend to be more simple.  She escorted us over to the other side of the floor and supervised the agonizing trip through the first rack. Then the 6 words that would change the entire shopping experience came out of her mouth “Have you seen anything you like”? My daughter said no and then said “well actually I did see a dress  on the Sherri Hill website”. The manager turned to a junior associate and asked her to take my daughter to the computer and look up the Sherri Hill site so she could show her the dress.  When the dress was identified the sales associate took us to the change rooms told my daughter to get undressed and that she would bring her dresses that were similar.

I wanted to go and hide in one of the racks because as the first batch of dresses was delivered to the dressing room she called me over and said that there was no way that she was trying on the first dress because it was the ugliest thing she had ever seen. I quickly moved it to the back of the pile and passed her the next one.  “ Who in the world would wear this”  she called out to me? I took a look and said it isn’t bad honey” ( I was trying to use calming endearing words to try and soften the mood).  “ Well it damn well isn’t good”. I made the mistake of going out on the floor and choosing some gowns my self. Note to moms out there . Let the sales lady pick the gowns so that they have to endure the pure hatred of a girl who does not like the choices that they have made. At one point upon reviewing my selections I swear her head turned completely around like the girl from the movie “ The Exocist”.

I mulled over in my head it if was child abuse to leave my 17 year old daughter in the change room while I made a mad dash to the car and left her behind while I headed back to the ferry to take me home. I came to the conclusion that some type of charge could be laid so I decided to stick it out.

All of a sudden the sales girl appeared behind me and said “We just happen to have the gown that your daughter liked from the Sherri Hill site but in a different colour. Honest to god I felt a ray of sunshine come in to the salon and I heard the sound of angels playing harps over the sound system. My daughter was handed the dress and then it was complete silence for about 3 minutes. I was praying to every god from every church that I had visited with my friends as a child that this would be the dress.

The curtain opened on the change room and all I saw was my daughter with a huge smile! “ Can we order this in the jewelled purple” ? she asked because my best friend ‘s dress is this colour and I don’t want it to be the same. I held my breath until the sales girls returned and said that yes she could order it in the purple and it would arrive in time to do any alterations.

I was shocked and amazed. We had only been shopping for 90 minutes and we were done!!!!  We decided to head back home that day and all I could think of on the way home was if she knew what dress she wanted why the heck had we not looked for it in the first place in Victoria??????


Christmas Spirit

25 12 2012

The holiday season and what it means to me has changed many times over the years. As a child it meant baking my grandma’s sugar cookie recipe with my mom, and presents from Santa. We would sometimes visit with my mom’s family in Calgary or my dad’s mom would come to visit from Pincher Creek. It was always spent with family and we made many fond memories.

My spirit disappeared when the truth about Santa was discovered. As a teen I was still interested in baking but I wanted to bake with my friends and was more concerned about what my gifts would be than what the meaning of Christmas was.

When my children were young my spirit returned and it became all about the magic of Christmas once again. I was excited about baking with them and helping them decide what Santa could bring them on Christmas Day. There were letters and visits to Santa paired with picking up last minute items from the mall. I loved having our family pictures taken so I could insert them into the Christmas Cards that I had taken time to write a personal heartfelt message in while listening to Christmas carols in our home.

Then something changed for me. I am not sure when it happened but all of a sudden our home had 11 Christmas trees( not exaggerating) which I started decorating as soon as the Halloween decorations were tucked away. Each tree had a theme and I spent many painful hours (because I felt everything had to be perfect) decorating the trees and my house to make others have a smile on their face when they came through the door. There were many comments about how beautiful my trees and our home was and how it all looked like something out of a magazine.

We had always invited people into our home on Christmas Eve to enjoy appetizers and home baked goodies. It started out as a small gathering and over the years it turned into over 100 people dining on appetizers a full homemade buffet dinner and goodies. I would spend weeks in my kitchen cooking and freezing dishes in preparation for one night.

I was so stressed and so busy that I could no longer take my kids out on Christmas Eve for the traditional picture with Santa. I had to ask my husband to do that “chore”. When had it turned into a chore and why?I was stressed because I wanted the house to be perfect and for everyone to enjoy themselves and have a great time. I know that the days leading up to Christmas Eve I was difficult to be around because there was always so much to do and time was running out and I was snapping at anyone that looked at me the wrong way because of the stress I was feeling.

As always the Christmas Eve party would go off without a hitch. Everyone had full stomachs, Santa would make his appearance and each child would receive a Christmas ornament and have a picture taken with Santa. We would play the gift exchange game and fight over how many steals were allowed and how to actually play the game. There were a lot of smiles and laughter and everyone made it home safely in anticipation of Christmas morning. I would not sit down once the entire evening and never had the chance to enjoy the evening or catch up with the people I only saw once a year at our Christmas Eve get together. My husband and kids would go to bed once the guests left and I would spend the following two, or three hours cleaning up, assembling anything that needed to be assembled. I’d fluff up a few bows on the presents (for one of my best girlfriends who always made a note for me to fluff up the bows on the presents she sent out to us) and I would collapse into bed.

Sometimes there was only and hour from the time I went to bed until the time the alarm went off. I set an alarm so the tree could be lit up for the family and to put the final touches on the Christmas Breakfast dishes I had prepared ahead so I just had to pop them in the oven.

The number of gifts from Santa and from family and friends were ridiculously plentiful. When the kids were little we took the time to watch everyone open their gifts one at a time but as the years passed we lost that tradition and seemed to race through the opening so that no one really saw what anyone else had received. If we watched everyone open all of their gifts we would be spending hours and hours opening gifts. I am pretty confident that my kids would not be able to answer who gave them what because the number of gifts were overwhelming. I’d hate to accuse my kids of not appreciating the gifts they were given but how can you appreciate them when their were to many to count.

Christmas breakfast was one of a few times a year that we all ate breakfast together with Easter and New Years day being the other two. I loved Christmas morning breakfast because I knew that everyone loved what I had prepared ( it was the same dishes every year) so there was never ever any complaining because someone didn’t like something. Everyone was happy around the table and I could look at my children and reflect on how much they had changed from the year before. This was the one part of Christmas that never changed for me.

Then my life had a big shake up! I found myself in the middle of a divorce that I had initiated. I was forced to look at my life and figure out what it was that I wanted for myself and my children. I realized very quickly that I wanted a simple life. I wanted to spend time with my kids, my extended family and my close friends. I also wanted a simple traditional Christmas. I wanted to go back to the way it had been when I was growing up and when my kids were really little, before consumerism got the best of me and Christmas became a stressful and not the special time of year it was meant to be.

I used to say that Christmas was my favourite time of year and I then I realized that, that statement had been a lie for many years because I had come to hate Christmas. So this year, I sold, gave away or donated most of my Christmas decorations keeping only what meant something to me. I spent time looking through all of the ornaments my children had received and made over the years. I decorated one tree and decorated our home simply and did not even put up outside Christmas lights.

I wrapped all of the gifts in my spare time over a few days rather than taking weeks to complete that task. I have gifts under the tree but they are not taking over my living room as they have in the past.

I have spent spare time with friends at the ceramics studio (Danielle’s) making gifts for family and friends and have discovered that I am actually quite creative with a paint brush. It is amazing how much more excited I have been about the gifts I am giving knowing that several were made by me and not just a shirt that I picked up from a large fashion chain. If you do receive a shirt from me, I don’t love you any less it just means that you are probably male and would appreciate a shirt more than a hand painted plate or platter.

Michael Buble’s Christmas CD plays constantly in my car (sorry kids but if momma is nice enough to give you a drive you have to put up with me playing track 5 & 12 over and over) where I, have taken the time to listen to the words to the carols because my mind is not filled with a huge to do list. I will be spending Christmas Eve with a few best friends, my brother, our parents and my amazing boyfriend while our children spend the evening with our ex’s. Christmas day will be spent with my children where we will open our gifts one a time and enjoy and appreciate each gift we receive.

Christmas evening will be spent with my best friend and her family which is a tradition that my children and I enjoy probably more than any other Christmas tradition. We will dine on a meal fit to be served at the Empress and play the gift game (can’t wait to see who ends up with a fondue pot). There will not be any stress just friends family and making magical memories.

The Christmas Spirit is back and alive in my home and my heart and I promise I will do whatever it takes to keep it there permanently this time.

Merry Christmas! I hope that the Christmas Spirit is alive and well in your heart and your home.


Amanda Michelle Todd- Teenage Suicide

12 10 2012

A beautiful young girl took her life in Vancouver yesterday. She was the victim of bullying at school, in her neigbourhood, via text and on the internet. She cried out for help and tried to make people around her aware of the damage they were doing to her and to others whose self worth is crucified by people around them by posting a video on You Tube. I became aware of the video when I was checking my Facebook page and saw several people posting R.I.P. messages as their status. I googled Amanda Michelle Todd and came across her You Tube Video. I pressed play and at the end of the 3 minutes and 37 seconds I found myself crying. Crying, because this young beautiful girl, could have easily been any of the young teens in my neigbourhood. This very well could have been one of my very own children’s friends or a neigbour and she did not have to die.

This tragedy starts when a teen boy asks Amanda to flash her breasts to him and she did. This young man took a picture and then told her that if she did not put on a show for him that he would send the picture to everyone and when she denied his request he sent it out and it went viral in a very short period of time. This was the start of incessant bullying and physical attacks on Amanda. It damaged her self worth to where she was cutting herself, drank bleach in an attempted suicide before she was successful in taking her life last night. I hope that this young man realizes that his actions started the events that eventually caused Amanda to feel that she had no option than to take her own life.

We have to be pro active with our children. We tend to react after someone attempts or commits suicide and do not spend time discussing the repercussions of bullying before someone takes their life. I hear all the time about girls in my neigbourhood giving in to requests from boys for sexual favours. As adults we all know that these girls are simply looking for attention and just want to be popular amongst the boys. We have to teach our boys to have respect for girls and teach our girls that they do not ever have to do any sexual favours for boys in order to be liked.

As parents we need to help make our kids into leaders who will stop incidents from happening. I can all but guarantee you that if the most popular boys in school took a strong stand against bullying and told his friends that requesting sexual favours was not cool that the number of boys requesting sexual favours to try to fit in with the popular crowd would diminish. The same would happen if the popular girls in school would stand up and tell the girls with less self esteem that they do not have to perform sexual acts in order to be popular. If they do they will be popular but not the way they had intended.

The second most common cause of death in teens 12-18 after motor vehicle accidents is suicide. In a recent study done of teens that had taken their own life they found that over half of the teens had school challenges and/or were victims of bullying. We cannot leave it up to the schools with anti bullying programs like The Rock Solid Program that Victoria Schools benefit from to educate our children. Programs like Rock Solid should only have to reinforce what we already teach our kids in our own homes.

Amanda’s tragedy reminds me of a very powerful book called” 13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher. It is a story of a young girl who commits suicide and leaves audio tapes with instructions for the tapes to go from student to student like a chain letter. The tapes explain the 13 reasons why she took her own life and are directed at each of the people that contributed to her taking her life. I highly recommend it for teenagers and parents.

I also strongly recommend that every parent watch the Amanda Michelle Todd You Tube Video with their children and have a very open discussion about why this beautiful young soul felt that her only option in life was to take her own life. We can make a difference and help to prevent suicide if we educate our children.

For more information on teen suicide prevention please visit the sites below.

Maranda’s Rainbow Connection

29 09 2012

So, you want to make a difference in someone’s life. You have always thought of different ways you would do it. You have imagined yourself winning the lottery and paying off all of your friends and families debts and then taking everyone on an exotic vacation. Perhaps, you have had images run through your mind of yourself plucking a homeless person off of the street, cleaning them up and helping them get back on their feet.  Maybe, after reading a story in your local newspaper about a family who has lost everything in a fire you have pictured yourself purchasing new clothes and furniture so the victims did not have to go without.

Maybe you give back to the community already. You may coach a local sports team, sit on an executive for a local charity or serve on the Parents Advisory Committee at your child’s school.

These are all commendable ways to make a difference but you can make a huge difference in someone’s life right now without winning the lottery or putting in endless volunteer hours. You can make a difference in someone’s life by simply grabbing a piece of paper and some crayons and drawing a picture of a rainbow.

Maranda is a 10 year old girl living in Regina Saskatchewan who suffers from an undiagnosed syndrome. Part of her illness is caused by Microcephally which is when the head is smaller than normal because the brain has stopped growing .Miranda has a long list of medical difficulties and suffers from repeated illnesses. She has seen some of the best genetic doctors and specialists in the world and so far no one has been able to determine just what to diagnose Miranda with, her prognosis or how to treat her.      

Maranda loves rainbows and says that they are universal and connect the world.  Through her facebook page (Marandas Rainbow Connection) she is requesting that people take the time to take a picture of or draw a picture of a rainbow and send it to her. Her goal is to receive a rainbow from everyone in the world. As an adult I know that this is virtually an impossible wish but I do know that if we all work together in our communities and spread the word to everyone we know by word of mouth, email and social media that we can do a pretty damn good job of making sure that Miranda  has thousands upon thousands of pictures of rainbows arrive at her front door.  

I would love to see entire schools, offices and families take this on as a community project. I have been involved with fundraising the community for many years and have always felt a sense of extreme satisfaction when I have the opportunity to give back.  I was afforded the luxury of having time to volunteer and give back to my community because my ex husband and I owned our own business and I was able to work around my schedule to enable myself to put in hours within the community. Not everyone has the opportunities to give back because of their personal circumstance don’t allow them to. If you have always wanted to give back and have not had the opportunity please take a few moments to draw your best rendition of a rainbow or dig out that picture you took of a rainbow way back , include your name, city and country. If you live in my home town of Victoria, B.C then please drop them off at the following locations

Top Dog Pizza – 2 locations – 3218 Jacklin Rd- Western Communities and 262- Island Hwy – View Royal

Breathe Athletic: 1031 Fort St

The Condo Group-Burr Properties: 3388 Douglas- there is a mail slot for after hour drop offs.

 If you are not in the Victoria area please mail them Maranda’s Rainbow Connection C/0 Shoppers Drugmart 2028 Park St, Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 2G6.