Why a blog?? I am a single 44 year old mom. I am not afraid to share my age as some women are. I have earned every line on my face, every grey hair on my head and stretch mark on my body. I will of course do whatever I can to minimize their appearance but I am not afraid to admit that I have them.

I have had quite the life so far and people tell me all the time that I should write a book or star in a reality TV show.  I love the Housewives of Vancouver but could not stand cameras in my face all of the time catching every vulnerable moment in my life. I am peri menopausal and I would sure become at some point the biotch that everyone loves to hate. Besides, who wants to keep their legs shaved all the time? With the outfits those gals wear I am sure they are not able to have cheater days where they only shave the bottom half of their legs.  So, for those reasons I have decided to take a different route and blog about my life experiences as I live them and share them with whoever cares to tune in.

I have been told that I am can be very funny. It is not intentional honestly. I am also told I am too serious (mostly by my soon to be ex husband but I no longer care what he has to say).  I am hoping that the blog entries will allow my humorous side, shine through.

My soon to be ex husband  and I built several business’s together and I walked away from all that we built to start a life all of my own that I can share with the two people that make me want to get up every morning, my  daughter and my son. Outside of being a mom and what was my career managing a real estate and development company, I have planned events, fundraised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various charities and organizations in Victoria, managed sports teams and dabbled in multi level marketing businesses. I feel like I have done a little bit of almost everything.  I have decided that I want to take all of the things I have learned and what I love and am passionate about and put it into a blog.

I really hope you enjoy what I have to share!

Please comment on the blog or send me an email. If there is a business or a topic or a business you would like me to blog on please let me know!!

Welcome to My life as I live it!!


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