12 04 2016

5-West-Shore-RCMP-Death-2-e1459902200528My community is in mourning today. Today is the service for Officer Sarah Beckett a member of the West Shore RCMP who lost her life as a result of a horrific car crash last week. Everyone I have run into since the tragedy has been talking about the crash- everything from speculation on how it happened to wondering how her fellow RCMP Officers and husband and young children are holding up. There have been walks and Go Fund Me Pages set up. Businesses are holding bbq’s and fundraisers and the community has been coming out in droves to leave flowers at the crash site and by the bronze statue that ironically Office Beckett was the model for.


Yesterday as I was sitting at a red light by the West Shore RCMP Station I saw what I believed to be a teacher walk away from the statue with his class and I watched as he had them sit on the grass. I wondered what he was planning on saying to his class. I know what I would say. I would say that we should be grateful for all of the first responders who chose a career that involves potentially sacrificing their lives to protect ours. Paramedics, Fire Fighters, RCMP and Police Officers put their lives on the line every single day they go to work. It is a career of unexpected happenings as each day is filled with different calls and situations.


I hope that teacher was telling his class to be respectful of the officers that protect us. I hear all the time people complain when they receive a speeding ticket or how it inconvenient to be stopped at a roadblock. That speeding ticket could have saved your life or that roadblock most likely took someone off the road who should have called a cab.


I hope that teacher was speaking to his class about choices. When you make the choice to speed, text while driving or drive while under the influence of alcohol or other substances you are putting not only your life but  others lives at risk. I hope that  everyone has learned something as a result of the tragic death of Officer Beckett. She lost her life protecting my community and I will be forever grateful to her for that.




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12 04 2016

Well Said.

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