Happy Champagne Birthday!!

17 03 2016

Yesterday I looked over at the young man sitting beside me. He was in the drivers seat chatting away to me as we drove to an appointment. It was hard to pay attention to what he was saying because my head was filled with thoughts. Thoughts about how his voice has deepened, how he has his dad’s eyes and my families facial features. I couldn’t help thinking about how much he has grown in the past year and how he isn’t afraid to give me a hug or a smooch on the cheek in public still.


 It is amazing to me really that he still is an active participant when I plan crazy stunts. Just a few months ago on a rainy day I pulled out two semi automatic nerf guns that I had bought and hidden away. I tossed him a gun and a bag of ammunition and shouted “Game On”. We had an epic nerf gunfight that lasted over an hour and ended with me surrendering because I was too tired to continue.  I never want those days to end. The reality of it is that they will end. I will always be his mom and him my son but he will one day very soon go away to college and eventually move out permanently. I am not ready for that and time is moving way to quickly for me.  


Life isn’t moving too quickly for my boy. Life is exciting right now and filled with a lot of firsts. First time being able to drive a car which quickly turned into being able to drive himself to appointments and activities including practices (which I am not in the slightest upset about).  He has his first job so his reliance on me is dwindling and I am having a bit of a hard time with that. Really, isn’t this what we want when we raise a child? Don’t we want them to grow up to be able to be strong and function as competent adults? Isn’t that our goal?  We teach them everything we feel that they need to know for when they are out on their own and when we send them off into the world to use the tools that we have given them and hope they use them wisely.


It is hard to believe that 17 years ago yesterday I was strolling along in the brand new Costco with my dad when all of a sudden in the camping aisle while looking at the double fold up camping chairs my very pregnant body decided that this was the time to go into labour.  I am not sure who was more alarmed by this my dad or I. You see, my dad had been anticipating this day for months. He knew that there was a good chance that he would be driving me to the hospital as my ex husband had a very active career and so dad was my back up plan. My dad had mapped out and timed exactly how long it would take him to get from his condo and any other place that he visited regularly) to my house and to the hospital in morning, afternoon rush hour and evening traffic. Going into labour in Costco had screwed that all up and so after labouring for a short time in the display chair we headed to the check out with our cart full of goods (including a chair) and headed to my house to pick up my bag and head to the hospital. 

My dad had even investigated where to drop me off and where the best parking was. He made my delivery to the hospital seamless. I think my dad was very happy to be relieved a couple hours later by my ex-husband.

Without telling the whole story of my labour (which was painful, endless and resulted up in a C-section) at just after 6am the following day I met my amazing son for the very first time. I was in awe of him then and I am still in awe of him today.

I am so proud of the young man he is and I am excited and looking forward to seeing all that he accomplishes in life.  Happy Champagne Birthday* Bub!!!



*Champagne Birthday is when your age is the same as the day of the month you were born on. Example your 17th birthday on the 17th.


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