Remembrance Day 2015

10 11 2015

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and I hope that you are planning something that will truly allow you to reflect upon and honour the service men and women who have served and continue to serve our country. I am the daughter of an amazing man who served in with The United Nations and the Canadian Air Force for almost his entire working career. He enlisted at 18 and served in France and Egypt and the United States before doing the milk run across Canada with is family in tow from one military base to another. Serving in the military is not a glamorous career by any means. You have to want to serve your country. I have heard people say that they think it would be great to travel and see the world but what they don’t understand is that the men and women who serve are not staying in five star hotels and visiting in a tourist role. They are in danger all the time they are abroad and live in cramped quarters while being away from their loved ones for weeks, months and some over a year at a time. That is incredible dedication to our country and tomorrow should be a day to reflect and to say thank you.

I had a conversation with my son this morning on the way to school about war and what the conditions were like during the world wars and the current wars happening today. I think it is hard for youth to imagine that soldiers slept in tents and that medics often had to care for the injured in areas where fighting was ongoing and supplies were limited not to forget that thousands of men and women lost their lives. Families suffer from the loss of their son, daughter, mother, father, aunt, uncle or sibling and returning servicemen and women suffer as well with physical injuries and mental health issues as a result of being in wartime situations. Organizations like the Wounded Warrior Fund are trying hard to educate us on just what returning servicemen go through as well as supporting the needs of those who have fought for our freedoms.

Kudos to the businesses who are offering free services to our protectors tomorrow to say thank- you. Please consider making a donation to the Wounded Warriors Fund if you can or simply thank a veteran or someone serving now for their service. It would be a much different Canada without them.