International Women’s Day-Celebrating the Men in our Lives

8 03 2015

thank-you-guysToday is International Women’s Day. I find it interesting that we need a separate day to celebrate women. There clearly isn’t an International Men’s Day. We have “Mother’s Day” and Father’s Day” so why not a day to celebrate men? I am all for celebrating women and all of the strides that have been taken to allow women to vote, hold office become presidents of major organizations and heads of companies. It is hard for some men to accept women in power roles or when they are acknowledged for accomplishments. I experienced it myself when an ex partner of mine did not want to come to a ceremony where I was being awarded an award for my contributions to my community. He admitted later that he was jealous but this was coming from a man who received awards every single year for his career accomplishments. This is I am sure one of the main reasons that we did not work as a couple. He did not have the ability to be proud and supportive of his partner’s accomplishments.

Today is International Women’s Day and I think we should celebrate women. I am all for it but I am also going to celebrate the men who are man enough to put their ego’s aside, celebrate and support their partners or female friends accomplishments. These are the men who get excited about a new idea their partner might have and brainstorm with them on how to make it better. They are the men who are proud and boast about their female friend or partner’s accomplishments. I have a few men like this in my life. One is my dad who does not fit into the partner category but is a friend and my biggest supporter. My bff Dave, is always there to just listen and offer advice when asked. He picks me up when I am down and encourages me every step of the way!! My business partners husband James who is a huge supporter of everything we do. I thank him for putting up with our zaniness and for not having us committed when I know he is clearly thinking that we belong in the loony bin as a result of some of our ideas. Last but not least our son’s who clearly are embarrassed by us at times but wear our latest creations with pride and tell us that they are proud of us. We honestly could not do what we do without the male support in our lives. So today while I celebrate all of the women in my life I will remember and thank all of the men who allow me to lean on them and encourage me to go out there and “knock em dead”.