My One Year Anniversary of Eliminating Diet Pop From My Life

16 02 2015

diet cola

For those of you who know me well, you know that diet pop was a huge part of my life. I drank it at home, in my car and at least 3 glasses when out in a restaurant. I drank diet pop instead of milk, juice or water. I started to notice after years of being a pop junkie that I was not feeling well. My stomach would actually burn after I drank one. I know it is not a good idea to drink pop on an empty stomach but it was my go to product. I always seem to have a million things I am working on so when it came to meal prep for myself (i.e. lunch when the kids are not home) I would just crack open a pop and that would take away the hunger pains. It got to a point where I was drinking 6-7 cans a day, which was ridiculous. One year ago today I made a conscious choice to remove all sources of pop from my life and concentrate on healthier choices. It was a huge struggle at first. I had bad headaches most likely from the caffeine withdrawal. I craved the fizziness and the bubbles. There was nothing better to me than the first couple sips from a very cold diet pop. I received huge satisfaction from it. It was about a week in that I was about to give in to my craving. I snuck a can of pop into my bedroom (I had told my kids to help keep me on track) and cracked it open when I heard from the down the hall “ Don’t do it mom, you will regret it”. It was my son doing exactly what I had asked him to do-keep me on track. He immediately came into my room and removed the can of pop so I would not have any temptation to take a sip. I am glad that he did that because today it is exactly one year since I have had a pop. I am very grateful that I made that decision. I feel much better having eliminated it from my diet. I still have to work on making healthier choices and resisting brownies when my good friend and business partner offers them to me but it is a work in progress that I am committed to. There is one thing that baffles me though. How is it that my son can hear me crack open a pop can from the other end of the hall but can’t hear me when I call him to clean up his mess in the kitchen?