Arnold Churgin

13 09 2012

From the moment I saw you I wanted to be inside you. I love your smell, the way your tongue feels, the way you tighten and loosen as I move-mmmmm I love my new shoes!!!!

Aw a one week in Calgary. I had intentions of calling all of my cousins and aunts and uncles and arranging visits. I had my list of names and numbers all ready to make some calls and set up lunches, dinners and coffees where time permitted. I had seven days in my second favourite city and thought for sure that I would be able to fit in a lot of visiting time. Problem is, that I was staying with one of my best friends who I very much love spending time with and I really needed a week to just relax and escape the craziness of my life back home.

I had two musts for my trip! One was to visit the zoo and see the new addition of penguins and the second was to go to my absolute favourite shoe store- Arnold Churgin. I found myself being way too comfortable just hanging with my bff that all of a sudden it was the last day of my visit and I still had not made it to visit any of my family or to the zoo. I was disappointed in myself for not really giving my friend an answer when she kept asking me what day we were going to go to the zoo but it just means that I will have to go back to Calgary to visit the penguins. The one thing however I was not going to allow myself to miss was the 0opportunity to visit my favourite shoe store.

There is just something about Arnold Churgin that has always excited me. I am pretty sure that my mother brainwashed me at an early age that it was the be all, end all of shoes. My family would visit my grandparents in Calgary as often as we could and every trip always included a trip to visit Arnold. I know my mom used to disguise the trip to the mall by offering to take my Grandma to Sears. Grandma loved Sears so my mom knew it was a slam dunk. Grandma would be happy going to Sears and my mom would say at the end of the trip that she just wanted to pop into Arnold Churgin to see if there was anything that she could not get back home in Victoria. I think my mom’s pure excitement (she is not easily excited) made me excited and so the annual visit to this particular shoe store always left me with happy thoughts.

My recent trip to Calgary just could not end without a trip to see Arnold. I was on the hunt for a pair of boots that were the same colour as a purse that I have and the matching wallet that my bff had given me as an early birthday present. I didn’t have to trick my friend to take me there. I probably could have if I needed to by asking her if she wanted to go to Starbucks but it was not necessary. I mentioned the words shoe shopping and she has purse in hand and was heading to the door before I finished my sentence.

We took a trip to Chinook Center where I visited Arnold Churgin as a child and where I expected it still to be, tucked into an obscure corner of the mall. I think my heart skipped a beat and I felt an anxiety attack coming on when I saw that the door was locked and all the windows were papered so I could not see in. It was gone!! My favourite shoe store on the entire planet was missing. I was panicked for a minute. What was I going to do? The thoughts raced through my head. Would I have to change my favourite store to Town Shoes or Aldo? No it couldn’t be!! I want to have my fav store be a store that is not everywhere.  Remember when you could only shop at Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch if you were lucky enough to have your parents travel to the US? You would have clothes that not everyone had. You felt special if you have a Hollister t-shirt. Now they are venturing in to Canada and have a strong online presence so everyone is wearing their product. It is just not special anymore.

Don’t get me wrong Aldo and Town Shoes have nice shoes but you are bound to run into someone in your city that has the exact same shoes. I love having unique shoes that no one can buy in Victoria!! There is nothing worse for a woman to hear than “Oh I have those shoes, aren’t they great?”

Honestly what was I going to do? I looked at my bff in a mad panic. I felt my blood pressure dropping and my breathing getting shallow. I swear I was about to faint when I heard her say “the sign says they have moved to South Center Mall.” What???? They moved Arnold Churgin??? Why would they move Arnold Churgin?? Hmmm quite possibly I thought that perhaps they wanted more room. More room meant a larger store and a larger store means……..MORE SHOES!!!!!

Off we went at mach speed out of Chinook Center and back into the car and headed to South Center.   My friend had me google the store on my phone and call them so that we could find out exactly where in the mall they were so we could park strategically!! In case you are headed to Calgary and want to check them out they are on the second floor just outside of the entrance to the Bay.

When I saw that wonderful back lit sign with Arnold Churgin written ( not printed)  in the font that I love so much I felt my heart racing but this time out of sheer excitement. I entered the store and saw that it was indeed it was larger and a very beautiful store. I was overwhelmed by the spectacular leather smell and all of the choices. I took a stroll throughout the entire store first so I could take a look at all of their stock and then strategically chose two pairs of boots to try on. I was approached by a clerk named Anna Lee and told her what size I required. By the time she returned with them I had 6 more pairs that I wanted to try on and off Anna Lee went to collect those for me as well. I honestly felt like a child in a toy store when they are overwhelmed with all of the choices and just don’t know what to choose when their mother or father tells them they can only go home with one new toy.

At Arnold Churgin as always I received the personal touch. Anna Lee put every pair of boots on my feet herself. She was very knowledgable about every single pair I tried on. I modeled all of the ones I was interested in for Anna Lee and my girlfriend. I was amazed at Anna Lee’s patience. I probably drove her a little crazy that day. I kept trying on and taking off the same pairs of boots 3,4 and 5 times. I wanted to make sure that I made the right decision. If I was in Aldo or Town Shoes I  could change my mind the next day and return them to the store but I did not have that luxury so I had to make sure my decision was the correct one. I finally narrowed it down from the 16 pairs I eventually tried on to two pairs and with much encouragement from my friend and Anna Lee I decided that I would take both!! I informed Anna Lee of my decision and she quickly disappeared into the back and came out with a smaller box and pulled out a pair of very nice flip flop sandals. She slipped one on one of my feet and asked if it fit. I was puzzled and said yes and she said “my gift to you”. She was probably just so excited that I had finally made a decision and was rewarding me for it.  I felt a little bit like a puppy who had finally shaken her paw and was rewarded with a tasty morsel. My tasty morsel being a free pair of flip flops.

When we arrived up at the counter to pay we saw a sign that was offering a free pair of flip flop sandals if you purchased two pairs of shoes.  Aw, she was not rewarding me for my decisiveness she had to give them to me. I would have been appreciative either way and was happy with them as they were pretty cute and they bear the Arnold Churgin brand logo.

My trip was finally complete! I could now head to the airport knowing that my trip had been exceptionally successful! Thank you Arnold Churgin for another fantastic experience!!

You can find Arnold Churgin at several locations in Calgary.

Downtown:   227-8th Ave and in both Market and Southcentre Malls




2 responses

5 04 2013

I have random question… What do the stores do with Arnold Churgin shoes when they aren’t selling? Is there an outlet or something?

6 04 2013

They do have outlets! Look at their website and you can find the locations of their outlets.

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