15 08 2012

Aww Facebook, most love it or hate it. I am somewhere in between but I am leaning more towards the love it side. I will openly admit that one of the first things I do when I get up in the morning is to take a glimpse at it on my phone and see whose statuses have changed since Ipeeked at it before I went to bed the night before.  I use facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends and relatives. I agree that it takes away from the personal touch of picking up the phone to have an actual conversation with people but I think I keep in better touch with people because I can quickly send them a little note to say hi without trying to figure out when I can fit in the time in my crazy busy life to sit down and have an honest to goodness conversation with someone.

I love it when my sister- in- laws post new pictures of my nieces and nephews. It is not easy to hop on a plane to England or drive to Alberta to visit the ones who are not local. Lord knows that even though you constantly hound them to send pictures and they promise to do so that an envelope containing actual printed off pictures is not coming until you are lucky to find one in the yearly Christmas card and that is if your store bought card isn’t replaced by the e-card which is growing in popularity.

Facebook is quickly becoming the modern woman’s therapy. I am curious as to whether or not psychologists and therapists are arranging symposiums on how to overcome the phenomenon of Facebook. Seriously why pay $100 an hour when you can post your problem on Facebook and have a plethora of comments offering suggestions for whatever problem you are experiencing in your life. People feel better about what they are going through just because someone clicked like on their status.

Facebook is way more informative than the newspaper. For instance I glanced at my Facebook when I woke up this morning as I usually do and so far I know that the local lacrosse team lost in overtime last night, that my cousin in law has heartburn ( she is pregnant and I struggled with that during my pregnancies so I will probably offer a suggestion to her ), my cousin’s girlfriend is excited about seeing her niece this weekend ( that will get a like), and I know what awesome items will be arriving at my friends yoga wear store this week (Breathe Athletic – best store ever).

I know from a friend that has taken a look outside her window already that the sun is shining (again it will get a like), It is Buddy from Cake Boss’s sister and nieces birthday, It is friendship week, a realtor that I follow has a new listing ( Ian Jules)  and I know what another friend had for dinner last night (this may prompt a heart burn status from her today as well).

Facebook reminds me of birthdays I would have forgotten had they not posted them for me. The trick with Facebook birthday reminders it to actually text Happy Birthday to the person so that they think that you genuinely remembered their special day instead of sending them a message with the 105 other people who posted a Happy Birthday message on their Facebook wall.  Just wait however until you see a few other Happy Birthdays go up and the birthday girl or boy post a thank you. It is ever so embarrassing when you wish someone a happy birthday based on a Facebook notification only to have them send you a message back saying” thanks auntie but it is not actually my birthday. Since I am under 18 I had to make up a birthday”! Seriously kid why would lie about the day and not just the year. Do not fall in to that trap that I did!!

Many would argue (mostly men because they do just don’t understand why women like to be up on things) that Facebook it is all very useless information and it is a waste of time.  I can tell you that it now saves me the $6 a week I would normally pay for a People magazine because I get all of the local  and celebrity gossip all in one place. I knew right away that Jennifer Aniston was engaged and did not have to wait until next weeks magazine to find out.  Facebook may be a waste of time to some who say that all that is on there is useless information but I like it because it is a fun distraction from the craziness of everyday life.

Time to finish up. I just realized that the $6 a week I save from buying People  is $312 a year and I can now afford the new boots I saw on my favorite shoe stores ( Arnold Churgin in Calgary) Facebook page. I am off to do some online shopping!!!



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15 08 2012
Jacquie Ker

awesome blog Cheryl……………and you forgot to mention that FACEBOOK was how we were able to connect after 20+ years………LOVE YA

15 08 2012

Good one. I have to admit that I check last thing in the day and first thing in the morning. Plus, I don’t have to actually grill my brother on his life, I can check out his page.

12 10 2014

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