Hachi’s Tale

10 08 2012

Over the years many movies have been recommended to me. Everyone has different tastes so although my friends enjoy a movie doesn’t mean it will be my cup of tea. I have friends who think that Mike Myers is best comedic actor ever and I can’t stand to watch him in anything he is in because his characters quite honestly freak me out.  So when movies are recommended to me I put it away in my brain in my movies to consider file and rarely every seek them out.

An old and very dear friend of mine reappeared from my past recently and in the midst of our reconnection conversation he happened to mention a move called Hachi’s Tale. This is a movie that I have never even heard of so I was intrigued. He said that it was by far one of the best movies he had ever seen.  I was warned that if I was going to watch it that I should have a box of Kleenex ready and that it might be a good idea to watch it alone.

I am not an avid movie watcher and often fall asleep while watching them. I often say that I have watched the first 20 minutes of many movies because if I have to sit still for longer than that then I am often out like a light for the rest of the night. Whenever my kids would ask me to watch a movie I would try to watch while I was tidying up or would watch from the kitchen so I could keep busy and stay awake.  This honestly did not make for quality bonding time but was probably better than the 20 minutes they would get with me sitting beside them on the couch.  This is why I started watching movies in my bed. If I did fall asleep then I did not have to pull myself off the couch to try and find my way to my bed or wake up in the morning feeling like I had just slept on a couch all night long- Wait I had.

I looked up the movie on the internet, researched what it was about and decided that it was something that I would like to watch it so I found it and ordered it from Amazon. Hachi: A dogs tale was to arrive a few days later and I anticipated its arrival.

The movie arrived this morning and I thought that I would take a break from my day, make myself some popcorn and settle in for 93 minutes and watch the movie starring Richard Gere and Joan Allen.

I do not want to give away any details of the movie but I will tell you that this is the best dog movie I have ever seen. It is a true love story between a dog and his master/best friend. It made me think about my commitments with my friends, family animals and my children. It is a heartwarming yet heart wrenching movie that has made me understand and respect more than I did already, the relationships that my friends have with their critters.

I was kept captivated through the entire movie and did not feel my eye lids closing once. This does not happen very often. I am not often affected by movies but I have not had a movie evoke such emotion in me since I saw Schindler’s List and the Titanic.

This is definitely not a first date movie because you will both be blubbering idiots and that wonderful make up job you started your evening with will very quickly disappear. It is however a movie very much worth seeing and I recommend it very
highly. Perfect for that Sunday afternoon where you just want to cuddle up and take in a great movie.




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