15 08 2012

Aww Facebook, most love it or hate it. I am somewhere in between but I am leaning more towards the love it side. I will openly admit that one of the first things I do when I get up in the morning is to take a glimpse at it on my phone and see whose statuses have changed since Ipeeked at it before I went to bed the night before.  I use facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends and relatives. I agree that it takes away from the personal touch of picking up the phone to have an actual conversation with people but I think I keep in better touch with people because I can quickly send them a little note to say hi without trying to figure out when I can fit in the time in my crazy busy life to sit down and have an honest to goodness conversation with someone.

I love it when my sister- in- laws post new pictures of my nieces and nephews. It is not easy to hop on a plane to England or drive to Alberta to visit the ones who are not local. Lord knows that even though you constantly hound them to send pictures and they promise to do so that an envelope containing actual printed off pictures is not coming until you are lucky to find one in the yearly Christmas card and that is if your store bought card isn’t replaced by the e-card which is growing in popularity.

Facebook is quickly becoming the modern woman’s therapy. I am curious as to whether or not psychologists and therapists are arranging symposiums on how to overcome the phenomenon of Facebook. Seriously why pay $100 an hour when you can post your problem on Facebook and have a plethora of comments offering suggestions for whatever problem you are experiencing in your life. People feel better about what they are going through just because someone clicked like on their status.

Facebook is way more informative than the newspaper. For instance I glanced at my Facebook when I woke up this morning as I usually do and so far I know that the local lacrosse team lost in overtime last night, that my cousin in law has heartburn ( she is pregnant and I struggled with that during my pregnancies so I will probably offer a suggestion to her ), my cousin’s girlfriend is excited about seeing her niece this weekend ( that will get a like), and I know what awesome items will be arriving at my friends yoga wear store this week (Breathe Athletic – best store ever).

I know from a friend that has taken a look outside her window already that the sun is shining (again it will get a like), It is Buddy from Cake Boss’s sister and nieces birthday, It is friendship week, a realtor that I follow has a new listing ( Ian Jules)  and I know what another friend had for dinner last night (this may prompt a heart burn status from her today as well).

Facebook reminds me of birthdays I would have forgotten had they not posted them for me. The trick with Facebook birthday reminders it to actually text Happy Birthday to the person so that they think that you genuinely remembered their special day instead of sending them a message with the 105 other people who posted a Happy Birthday message on their Facebook wall.  Just wait however until you see a few other Happy Birthdays go up and the birthday girl or boy post a thank you. It is ever so embarrassing when you wish someone a happy birthday based on a Facebook notification only to have them send you a message back saying” thanks auntie but it is not actually my birthday. Since I am under 18 I had to make up a birthday”! Seriously kid why would lie about the day and not just the year. Do not fall in to that trap that I did!!

Many would argue (mostly men because they do just don’t understand why women like to be up on things) that Facebook it is all very useless information and it is a waste of time.  I can tell you that it now saves me the $6 a week I would normally pay for a People magazine because I get all of the local  and celebrity gossip all in one place. I knew right away that Jennifer Aniston was engaged and did not have to wait until next weeks magazine to find out.  Facebook may be a waste of time to some who say that all that is on there is useless information but I like it because it is a fun distraction from the craziness of everyday life.

Time to finish up. I just realized that the $6 a week I save from buying People  is $312 a year and I can now afford the new boots I saw on my favorite shoe stores ( Arnold Churgin in Calgary) Facebook page. I am off to do some online shopping!!!

Hachi’s Tale

10 08 2012

Over the years many movies have been recommended to me. Everyone has different tastes so although my friends enjoy a movie doesn’t mean it will be my cup of tea. I have friends who think that Mike Myers is best comedic actor ever and I can’t stand to watch him in anything he is in because his characters quite honestly freak me out.  So when movies are recommended to me I put it away in my brain in my movies to consider file and rarely every seek them out.

An old and very dear friend of mine reappeared from my past recently and in the midst of our reconnection conversation he happened to mention a move called Hachi’s Tale. This is a movie that I have never even heard of so I was intrigued. He said that it was by far one of the best movies he had ever seen.  I was warned that if I was going to watch it that I should have a box of Kleenex ready and that it might be a good idea to watch it alone.

I am not an avid movie watcher and often fall asleep while watching them. I often say that I have watched the first 20 minutes of many movies because if I have to sit still for longer than that then I am often out like a light for the rest of the night. Whenever my kids would ask me to watch a movie I would try to watch while I was tidying up or would watch from the kitchen so I could keep busy and stay awake.  This honestly did not make for quality bonding time but was probably better than the 20 minutes they would get with me sitting beside them on the couch.  This is why I started watching movies in my bed. If I did fall asleep then I did not have to pull myself off the couch to try and find my way to my bed or wake up in the morning feeling like I had just slept on a couch all night long- Wait I had.

I looked up the movie on the internet, researched what it was about and decided that it was something that I would like to watch it so I found it and ordered it from Amazon. Hachi: A dogs tale was to arrive a few days later and I anticipated its arrival.

The movie arrived this morning and I thought that I would take a break from my day, make myself some popcorn and settle in for 93 minutes and watch the movie starring Richard Gere and Joan Allen.

I do not want to give away any details of the movie but I will tell you that this is the best dog movie I have ever seen. It is a true love story between a dog and his master/best friend. It made me think about my commitments with my friends, family animals and my children. It is a heartwarming yet heart wrenching movie that has made me understand and respect more than I did already, the relationships that my friends have with their critters.

I was kept captivated through the entire movie and did not feel my eye lids closing once. This does not happen very often. I am not often affected by movies but I have not had a movie evoke such emotion in me since I saw Schindler’s List and the Titanic.

This is definitely not a first date movie because you will both be blubbering idiots and that wonderful make up job you started your evening with will very quickly disappear. It is however a movie very much worth seeing and I recommend it very
highly. Perfect for that Sunday afternoon where you just want to cuddle up and take in a great movie.


My Friend Rog

5 08 2012

I have always liked the game of football. I had asked early on in my marriage if my ex and I could make our annual anniversary outing a trip over to the mainland to Vancouver to watch a B.C. Lions game. It wasn’t the men in the tight pants that drew me to the game I actually enjoyed watching it. I remember being 18 years old and staying up all night long with a guy friend I had at the time watching games he had taped over and over so that he could explain the rules to me. I don’t like to watch a game if I don’t understand it so an all nighter it was in football rules bootcamp. I don’t profess to know all the rules in fact I probably am a pain in the butt to the person sitting beside me at a game because I ask a lot of questions. Why is that a penalty? Why can’t you grab a player from the opposing teams face mask ? It seems a like a pretty good way to stop a guy by grabbing his mask rather than jumping on him and crushing his bones now doesn’t it?

A very good friend of mine Roger Wade is alumni of the local junior football team here in Victoria. He is a city councilman, has a beautiful wife and 3 children as well as his own business, and when he can coaches baseball. Adding the Title of President of the Westshore Rebels to his already crazy life is something that most people as busy as he would not even consider taking on But Roger is passionate about the game and about this team. When the original teams ownership moved the team to Nanaimo Roger worked tooth and nail to put together another team so that Victoria could still enjoy a good game of football.

Roger has been asking me for the past 7 years to join the board of directors and help him with the team. As with Roger I have always worn a lot of hats in my life and don’t like to take something on unless I know I can take the time to do a good job so every year I have turned him down. This fall he asked me again if I would help out and join the board of directors to help get them organized and whip them in to shape and this time I agreed.

When I first met with Roger about the team and what he needed help with he spoke with such passion and it was immediately apparent that the only reason Roger is involved with The Rebels is that he is passionate not only about the game but about every aspect of the team. It is hard enough being the president of any club let alone one that is responsible for giving up to 65 young men between the ages of 18-21 the opportunity at a scholarship or a career in the CFL or NFL. I have known many presidents of associations or clubs that are merely figureheads and leave the actual day to day operations to other board member or simply delegate to volunteers. Not Big Rog, he has his fingers in every single part of this team from the 50/50 sellers to dealing with the local media.

Tonight was the season opener for the Westshore Rebels. It was a 7:00 game against their arch rivals the Nanaimo Raiders. It was still 30 degrees , sunny and hot at the stadium at game time. Most people would expect that the President would be sitting in the Team Suite enjoying a beer waiting for the game to start. Roger was down on the field mic in hand welcoming everyone to the game and thanking everyone who has volunteered and the fans for coming out on such a beautiful night. He stood on the field and watched proudly as the team was announced and it seemed like he felt that each of the young men were his own. Once the game started he was making sure all of his guests in the suite were enjoying themselves, searched for sponsors he did not know so he could introduce himself and personally thank them for spending their hard earned money to support his team.

While I was in the suite I noticed for the first time a plaque on the wall that honoured Rog as the volunteer for the year for the league a few years back. A very fitting honour for a man who gives so much to this team. I am convinced that the only reason he does not receive it every year is that they have to change it up once in awhile.

This is Rogers birthday weekend and I am sure the boys on the field and the coaching staff were hoping to give Big Rog the gift of a win on opening night but it wasn’t in the cards. The boys lost 44-14 but because of my friend Roger Wade hundreds of fans were able to enjoy a great game of football out on the Westshore in Victoria.

Happy Birthday Rog!!