Lemonade Stand

16 07 2012

Mom,” we want to do a lemonade stand” is what my son hollered at me yesterday. We want to sell lemonade and ice tea up at the corner. “Sure” I said. My ex husband and I are both business people so it seemed natural to me for our son to what to have a business of his own.  My son and his friends made a list of supplies, Ice tea mix, lemonade mix, water, ice, cups jugs, table, money to make change and a cooler.

When I pulled out the first jug (a Montreal Canadiens one that is one of my pride possessions) one of the boys remarked that he wasn’t sure that we should use that jug as he didn’t know too many HABS fans. I gave him a glare (I’m a diehard HABS fan) and pulled out a Canucks one as well and he said we could use the HABS jug as long as they could use the Canucks one as well.

My son was elected to make the sign as he was voted the most artistic out of the 3 boys who were excited about their new venture. While producing the sign my son yelled to me “hey mom, how much do you think we could charge if we offered it with vodka?”  I laughed out loud (lol) at  this and explained that although it was an ingenious idea that there were liquor laws and that I could quite possibly go to jail for allowing my 13 year old son and his friends to sell alcoholic drinks on the corner in our quiet suburban neighbourhood.

The poster advertising their choice of drinks $1 each and $.50 for a refill was attached to the power pole at the corner of the street. I was excited for them. It was a hot day and I thought that they would get a good lesson on business. They took the drinks and all the supplies and headed to their corner.

It was a very hot day and they are all very smart young men.  The road connected to our cul de sac heads down to a very popular city lake and the road was busy with people walking down to the trail that borders the lake. The boys were walking up to people on their walk and handing them free cups of water and telling them to come have a glass of lemonade on their way back. It actually worked. They had many people purchase a glass on their way home.

They met two 19 year old young men visiting our city from Utah who were here with the Mormon Church (for 2 years) to spread their belief.  My son said that he was amazed at how hard of a job they had going from door to door trying to introduce people to their faith. He said the boys experienced doors being slammed in their faces, if people came to the door at all. It was a good lesson to the boys. My son and his friends said that it taught them that you if you believe in something strong enough that you will never give up and you are prepared to deal with all of the obstacles in the way.  They entertained the two young men even letting them ride their long boards and tried to give them a free glass of lemonade but the boys insisted that they pay something so they agreed to 2 glasses for $1. My son brought home not only a pamphlet but the entire Mormon book and he wants to keep it as a memory of his experience.

The boys were visited by motorists passing by, neighbours we knew and neighbours we didnt’( but my son knows now).  At the end of the evening I went to check on them. They had made 25.00 and they were sitting on the ground surrounded by 6 young ladies having a fabulous time.  It was a very successful first day in business.   Aw to be a kid again!!!



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