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3 07 2012

I was sitting in my vehicle tonight while my son and his lacrosse team were practicing in a major downpour. I was feeling bad for them having to endure the cold and the rain and was hoping in all honestly that the coach would call practice early.   I was thinking that they would be cold and miserable at the end of practice in wet gear that would have to be dried in time for their first playoff game tomorrow night.

As I expected the practice went right until it was scheduled to end but I was taken back at the demeanor of all of the players. They were laughing and joking around with each other. Not one of the kids said they were cold or complained that they were soaked all the way through their gear to their skin. They were talking about things they had done in practice and discussing what players to be on the watch for at tomorrow’s game. I realized at that moment that they did not care about the rain or the cold. They were happy to be there because they were with their friends playing a sport that they all loved. They are passionate about the game so it didn’t matter what the weather was like they just wanted to play.

I feel the same way about certain things in my life. For instance I am extremely passionate about chocolate. My best friend Michele and I were in Bellingham this past weekend and we were hitting up all of our regular stores to pick up some cheap groceries and items that we don’t yet have in Canada. We were at a Walmart that we had never been to before and on the way out I took a different exit and ended up going the wrong way down the road. I turned at the next light so I could get us travelling in the right direction again when Michele yelled (and I don’t mean spoke loudly) yelled “Belgian Chocolate Tasting”. She caught me off guard but I yelled back” I’m turning around” I am not sure I even looked to see if anyone was coming. All I heard was chocolate and free and knew it was in the opposite direction.

Michele’s head stayed facing the direction of the sign. I am not sure how she did it but I swear it’s true. When we got back to the corner we saw the sign but all that was on the corner was a Christian Evangelical Church. I asked her if she thought that was how they recruited new members and if she thought we would come out born again christians.  She wasn’t sure and for a moment we both thought that it was some creative marketing on behalf of the church.  I did know for sure that we were both praying that wherever this place was (and we were determined to find it) that it was open.

We drove into an industrial area and there we spotted a commercial door that said “Chocolate Necessities. What a perfect name for a chocolate shop. I know that for me there are times when chocolate is definitely a necessity and without going into why that day was one of them!!

 We quickly parked the car and headed in. We were barely through the door when I heard Michele asked the young girl working there about the free tasting. Patience is definitely not one of my bff’s strong points when it comes to chocolate, or popcorn or…. let’s just say she is not known for her patience.

 The clerk was more than accommodating and taught us so much about all of the different types of chocolate. We were fortunate to have arrived on a day where Kevin the chocolatier was on site to fill in the blanks for us.  I had always thought that there were 3 different types, white, milk and dark but there are many more. My new favourite chocolate is one called Vanuatu which is a mixture of both light and dark which is perfect for those of you that love milk but would like to make the move towards dark because it is healthier for you.

I think I was probably one of their best sales of the day because I purchased a couple bars of each type to hide away in my freezer for when a chocolate emergency hits and they do hit me quite often since my recent separation (which is why my regular workout routine starts again tomorrow). I wonder if the rate of chocolate consumption goes up as the divorce rate climbs?  I’ll have to google that!!

Michele and I both walked out of there very happy women! We were both very satisfied and neither of us were leaving the states belonging to a new religion.

If you are ever in the Bellingham area please pop by Chocolate Necessities at 4600 Guide Meridian or visit them online at



6 responses

3 07 2012
Jacquie Ker

you and Terry would get along GREAT. He’s forever stashing chocolate in our Produce drawer,

3 07 2012
julia emerson

Only a couple of bars..geez..I heard there is organic chocolate here on the island.a company in Saanich?

4 07 2012

Have you dropped Bernard for this new place?

4 07 2012

I still have my love affair with Bernard but this chocolate is equally as satisfying!!

4 07 2012
Kim ryley

I’m loving the honesty of your blog Cheryl. I really need to try the Vanuatu very soon!

4 07 2012

I’ll bring you a taste when I drop off your steak sauce!

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