Oh Canada

1 07 2012

I was thinking about what I could write for a Canada Day blog while having my shower this morning. I decided after much pondering that I would write about the most patriotic person I know. I am not sure that this person even realizes how patriotic he is but I have known him his entire life and have seen the patriotism evolve.

He was born in 1971 in Ottawa our Countries Capital City to a member of the Canadian Military and his wife so he was off to a good start to being a true patriot. My first experience of his patriotism was when I was in kindergarten and he was still a little rascal trying to chew his way out of his crib (not kidding he actually chewed his way through his crib like the “Canadian beaver”). Every night before he went to sleep he would ask me to sing to him Oh Canada. is His exact words and I still remember them to this day was “Oh Cadada Cher, Oh Cadada. I would belt out my rendition of Oh Canada as I remembered it from my sessions at kindergarten and he loved every single off key second of it. It was his favourite song until some unpatriotic sole introduced “The wheels on the bus” to him at about age 3- thanks mom.

Thank you to our Canadian constitution for allowing free speech because he is able to express his ever so harsh opinions at times to people who would much rather not hear them and not end up in a Canadian jail.

His favourite sport is hockey (it is not Canada’s national sport but should be) which he played until a heart condition forced him to stop playing competively for safety reasons. His favourite player and idol is Wayne Gretzky of whom he had the pleasure of finally meeting last month at the David Foster (another famous Canadian) Foundations 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Anyone who knows him knows without a doubt that his favourite team is the Montreal Canadiens. It could be from the HABS ball cap he wears, to the memorabilia that adorns his office or could be because of the HABS logo he shoveled into the snow on his neighbour’s ( not a HABS fan) front lawn this past winter.

He played basketball in junior high winning a provincial championship in a game that was created by a Canadian James Naismith and loves to rub it in to friend and fellow Canadian Steve Nash that he may play in the NBA but he does not have a BC Championship ring like he does.

Once in his 20’s he was randomly attacked coming out of one of the local night clubs in downtown Victoria and was able to save himself a severe beating by two young men as a result of the moves he learned from all those years watching the Hart family (Canadian Icons) and WWE Wrestling.

He and his girlfriend have two beautiful daughters one named Mackenzie ( hmmm we had a Prime Minister named Sir Alexander Mackenzie 1764-1820) and one named Dawson who I am sure was named after Dawson City up in the Yukon and not because her mom had a wicked crush on Dawson from the show “ Dawson’s Creek as it is rumoured.

He not only drinks Molson Canadian beer (it has been responsible for the beer belly he has gained and lost numerous times of the years) but he works for them as a sales rep. How much more Canadian can you get.

Every Canada Day long weekend he celebrates by getting together with old friends up at the lake where they have a lobster boil after a game of golf. On the way up to the lake he is sure to stop at Tim Horton’s for a steeped tea because he chooses Tim Horton’s over Starbucks

This weekend everyone will wait in anticipation of the Canada Day outfit and antics he has planned.

This Canada I celebrate being Canadian and my brother, Brent Dobbie, the most patriotic person I know.






4 responses

1 07 2012
Dave Rackham

No truer Canadian than an everyday hero! Love Brent’s inititive to be shoveling the Hab’s logo in a neighbours front yard. Great story from a great sister.

1 07 2012
Kim Barker

Aw that is so sweet….I love it:) Happy Canada Cher!

1 07 2012
Kim Barker

oops Happy Canada DAY!!! lol coffee not quite kicking in…

2 07 2012
Michael Adrian Hanson

That’s a wonderful way to reflect on Canada Day…….your brother is very lucky to have a sister like you who takes the time to reflect,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not many do. We all live on this axle we called Earth that is spinning faster every year……you have taken time to slow it down and smell the fragrance…..thank you for that, it has me reflect today too………with my family all in the UK and Spain it helps to take the time to remember special occasions……. michael.

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