Whats For Dinner?????

28 06 2012

I didn’t go camping a lot as a child mostly because my mother was a 5 star camper. We would meet my mom’s brothers and their families at the campsite where we would stay during the day and into the evenings but when it was time to go to bed we would drive to the closest five star hotel.

I remember the fun with my cousins splashing in the water, gathering  fire wood for the nightly campfire and hikes in the where we would search for  a bear or a wolf but what I remember the most is the food. Nothing tasted better than a homemade burger bbq’d on the grill outside one of my Uncles tents.  There was the grilled garlic bread, the smores over the campfire and who can forget trying to prepare the perfect jiffy pop popcorn. Camping activities always revolved around the food.

Later in life my husband and I started taking our two children to Quadra Island where we first camped in a tent and then after much begging in a fifth wheel. The one thing that I felt was missing about my camping experience was that I never had any time to enjoy many of the activities that went a long with camping. The reason??? Well because camping revolves around the food. I was no sooner cleaning up from breakfast when it was time to start thinking about lunch. I was lucky to get a couple of hours off after lunch before my family was asking “What’s for Dinner”  Seriously can’t a mom just sit down and read the latest book that has peaked her interest.  This summer I can tell you that many a mom will be much more interested in what happens next with Christian and Ana in Shades of Grey rather than figuring out what to throw on the bbq for the ravenous family who has just returned from a marathon sea shell collecting expedition.

This is where one of my favourite businesses comes in. My friend Sandra owns What’s For Dinner.  This is a lifesaver of a company.  What’s for Dinner provides freshly prepared meals using the highest quality of ingredients that you can put in your freezer for those nights when you have limited time to cook because you have to run out the door to the baseball park or the rink.  I use Sandra’s services throughout the year for my regular meals but was thrilled to find out today that she is offering camping packages. The Summer Trio comes complete with six homemade mozza burger patties and buns, a marinated pork tenderloin with rice, and chicken souvlaki and six wraps all for just $79.95 which takes care of 3 full dinners for my camping experience.   Order online at http://www.whats4dinner.ca

With What’s for Dinner my family enjoys 5 star meals and I am able to escape the heat of meal preparation  for some time enjoying the sizzle of my new favourite book series.



5 responses

28 06 2012
Jacquie Ker

LOVE IT……………I can’t wait to read more ❤

29 06 2012

Awesome concept for also for those days that you just don’t feel like cooking. Congrats on the launch…you ROCKED IT chickie!!!

30 06 2012
Max Wilson

well donne cheryl

2 07 2012

Keep up the blog Cher it is good reading. You probably don’t remember the time we went camping and I mean camping with our neighbours. I went for a shower and I asked can someone tell how to get the hot water? The response is when you get home sweetie. Camping in the rain with water running through the tent is not my idea of a fun time. i guess I was camped out because growing up that was how we spent our summer vacation. We were lucky though as a lot of people back then didn’t get go to away on vacation. When I compare sleeping on the ground getting up to wait in line for a cold shower or choose a hotel with a nice warm bed hot shower that is really a no brainer for me.

5 07 2012

I remember that time you invited a group of women to What’s for Dinner and we prepared our meals together. That was a lot of fun and a great excuse to spend time together. At the end of the evening we had our dinners made for many nights! I liked everything I had chosen and my family loved the variety. Thanks for sharing this again so more people know about this great company with a great concept.

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