All Grown Up

30 06 2012

When I first started travelling down to the states it was always for clothes shopping. Some people might think it is crazy to catch a ferry off of the island and wait in what can be hour long border line ups to venture across into the U.S.  to find some good deals at clothing stores that we did not have up in Canada. My ex would argue that we never actually saved anything because of the cost of the hotel and the ferry but it was more about the thrill of the find than the actual total cost of the trip. This is why very quickly the shopping trips became for women only.

It was expected that it would be a marathon of shopping. I instructed whoever travelled with me that they had to pack lightly because we needed room in the vehicle to accommodate all of the shopping bags. We would use the divide and conquer method ( everyone shops on their own) so that no one was kept in a store that they were not interested in painfully waiting for their friend to find that illusive perfect pair of shoes.

 There is nothing worse than the panic I would feel when I realized that there was only an hour left until the stores closed to discover all of the best deals. That is when the real power shopping would take place. The stores would close and our tired bodies and sore feet would head back to the border.

How times change!!!  It is the Canada Day long weekend and I am down in the States with my BFF. I must thank her for joining me. I had initially planned this trip with the guy I was dating but the trip wasn’t going to work because the relationship didn’t so I was left wondering if I should cancel it all together. Serves me right for planning a traditionally girls only trip with a guy.

 I say times have changed because when we were discussing the plan for the weekend the stores we wanted to venture to had changed. The clothing stores had been replaced completely. Gone were the days of Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie and Fitch. OMG we were wanting to go to Target, Walmart and Petco.  Our entire day used to revolve around hitting the outlet mall and this trip we stopped in for 10 minutes while I ran in to the Vans outlet to pick up a couple pairs of shoes for my son and get this….. my bff, Michele….she stayed in the car!!!!!

The car is loaded up with the granola and sauces that I love from the Archer Farms brand that Target carries, we have Chex mix from Walmart and a pet door from Petco.  We are lying in bed in our hotel room drinking our coffee and tea (my bff brought me “passion” tea as she felt that with the break up it was all I was going to get) checking our facebook and seeing if anyone has texted us. 

We used to come down here with requests from people to bring back a bottle for them or a certain type of beer not found in Canada.   Now, my list from friends and family back home consists of Exedrin Migraine (which has been pulled off the shelves- email me if you know why) and bottles of salad dressing from The Olive Garden.

It is sad to say but this time crossing the border back in to Canada I will not be nervous because I am over the allowable limit .I have always been honest and sometimes I have had to pay and sometimes they let me go through. Honestly I used to wonder if my bff and my face was plastered all over the border control offices and that they played find Cheryl and Michele as a part of their regular training exercises. Now that they have raised the limits to $800 per person for a 48 hour period I am way, way under and am afraid that they will not believe us and search us truly based on reputation.

I am still just as excited about my purchases as I was when I used to shop purely based on fashion. I just can’t wait to get home to marinate some chicken and steak in the new sauces instead of model my new clothes. How times have changed. I think I am finally all grown up.

Whats For Dinner?????

28 06 2012

Whats For Dinner?????.

Whats For Dinner?????

28 06 2012

I didn’t go camping a lot as a child mostly because my mother was a 5 star camper. We would meet my mom’s brothers and their families at the campsite where we would stay during the day and into the evenings but when it was time to go to bed we would drive to the closest five star hotel.

I remember the fun with my cousins splashing in the water, gathering  fire wood for the nightly campfire and hikes in the where we would search for  a bear or a wolf but what I remember the most is the food. Nothing tasted better than a homemade burger bbq’d on the grill outside one of my Uncles tents.  There was the grilled garlic bread, the smores over the campfire and who can forget trying to prepare the perfect jiffy pop popcorn. Camping activities always revolved around the food.

Later in life my husband and I started taking our two children to Quadra Island where we first camped in a tent and then after much begging in a fifth wheel. The one thing that I felt was missing about my camping experience was that I never had any time to enjoy many of the activities that went a long with camping. The reason??? Well because camping revolves around the food. I was no sooner cleaning up from breakfast when it was time to start thinking about lunch. I was lucky to get a couple of hours off after lunch before my family was asking “What’s for Dinner”  Seriously can’t a mom just sit down and read the latest book that has peaked her interest.  This summer I can tell you that many a mom will be much more interested in what happens next with Christian and Ana in Shades of Grey rather than figuring out what to throw on the bbq for the ravenous family who has just returned from a marathon sea shell collecting expedition.

This is where one of my favourite businesses comes in. My friend Sandra owns What’s For Dinner.  This is a lifesaver of a company.  What’s for Dinner provides freshly prepared meals using the highest quality of ingredients that you can put in your freezer for those nights when you have limited time to cook because you have to run out the door to the baseball park or the rink.  I use Sandra’s services throughout the year for my regular meals but was thrilled to find out today that she is offering camping packages. The Summer Trio comes complete with six homemade mozza burger patties and buns, a marinated pork tenderloin with rice, and chicken souvlaki and six wraps all for just $79.95 which takes care of 3 full dinners for my camping experience.   Order online at

With What’s for Dinner my family enjoys 5 star meals and I am able to escape the heat of meal preparation  for some time enjoying the sizzle of my new favourite book series.

Hello world!

27 06 2012

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Happy blogging!